Saturday, August 5

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

You know the saying "Truth is stranger than fiction"? It is SO true. (Anyone in the customer service business will swear to this.)

Thursday I read one of the craziest examples of this that I've seen in a long time, and it was so bizarrely great that I want to point it out here in case you, too, could use a little eyebrow-raising in your life (of the sort that doesn't also come with spiked stress levels).

Rhinestones, Madness, and Resurrected Corpses: The Love Story of Tony & Susan Alamo

Everything you need to know about this story before you read it can be summarized in the following lines: 

- "I’m watching them and it’s like a tennis match of horse crap." 
- ...they [got] married another couple of times to make sure it stuck."
- "Stricken with grief, [he] did what any heartbroken evangelist would do. He created his own fashion brand."

Seriously... go read it. Be entertained. Then go hug your significant other and thank them for not being a cult-leading Elvis wanna-be... just because.

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