Thursday, August 3

Another Passing

Baby Kimber
In 2010, I posted this picture here on the blog of my parents' newly found GSD/Burmese Moutain Dog mix, Kimber. She was a precocious ball of fluff with an attitude and followed Arthas around like he was the Best. Thing. Ever.

Last week, sweet Kimber left us.

Her life was respectably long by the standards of her breed and filled with so much love -given and received. She was a valiant protector and a beloved companion and is dearly missed. 

Before she left, she made sure my parents were in good hands, mentoring Grendel (another GSD/Burmese mix) on the proper supervision of humans.

It's been a rough year for pets in these parts - Ruger's loss still feels fresh, too. Please, if you have furry companions, give them an extra kiss and a few treats today and make sure they know you love and appreciate them!

The padawan has become the Master - Kimber and her furry apprentice Grendel.

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