Friday, October 2

Tough Mudder #4

Last weekend, we had the privilege of getting away for a long weekend. After a summer that somehow turned out to be crazy busy, and that rolled straight into Fall without pause, it was amazing to step away and regroup.

My parents graciously took our furry babies who LOVE to stay with Grandma & Grandpa and play with their furry cousins; I'm quite sure neither of our babies missed us in the least.  

We started our trip by doing our 4th Tough Mudder - in Maine! Neither of us had ever been to Maine (a brief stop at the airport not withstanding), so it was a fun adventure. It was also new for us to have a mud run so late in the year; usually our last one is in August. It was interesting to try something different all around. 

Seeing as the rest of the Fall remains about as packed as the summer was, we were also celebrating both My Prince's birthday and our upcoming 11th anniversary this trip. (Side note: how do two confirmed introverts with no kids get such busy schedules? Seriously!?) Accordingly, although our meals were chaotic or skipped while on the road, our dinners were celebratory and divine. If you're ever in Portland, you must check out the Back Bay Grill. If you're in NY's Finger Lakes region, go eat at Kismet Bistro. Both are truly worthy of rave reviews - and coming from me, that's saying something! 

We're squarely back in the swing of things now, but I've found myself thinking much more often how easy it is to replicate so much of what b&b's boast about this time of year... if I'm willing to set aside my to-do list. I won't be replicating fancy dinners, but I'm perfectly capable of making (really good) hot chocolate and dragging a quilt outside to sit on the porch and enjoy the flaming colors of turning leaves or the stars glittering in crisp autumn nights. Even if it's only for 15 minutes here and there. 

So with happy vacation memories lingering in my mind, I'm challenging myself to pay attention to - and take advantage of - these opportunities to take mini breaks from the day and savor the Fall luxuries readily available to me. Will you do the same?

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