Wednesday, October 7

Decorating for Fall

I'm pretty sure that my sister got about 98% of the decorating genes. Not only does she have an eye for it, she loves it. While I enjoy appreciating other people's decor, I haven't really been the type to put a lot of effort into my own. I can't stand clutter, and dislike the idea of having to store a bazillion totes of holiday decor year-round.

During our recent trip, however, we picked up some wonderful Fall-scented candles that we found for an excellent price. Finding myself with a few spare minutes and inspired by reigniting the wood stove and the luxury of having candles again, I decided there was no help for it. I'd have to do a few simple Fall decorating touches. 

Thanks to Pinterest, I've been pleased to discover decor options that require very little time and no storage which is perfect for me! I opted to go with Printable Apothecary Labels, since I've always got a variety of bottles and jars around for other purposes, and Printable Book Covers since of course I've got lots of books, too!

Tip: Milk makes an excellent, non-toxic and easy-to-remove paste for applying paper labels to glass surfaces.

The pictures aren't great, but I'm very happy with how these turned out. Hopefully we'll carve a few pumpkins for the front porch steps before the month is out, as well. 

What's your preferred style of decorating?

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