Tuesday, October 6

Best News Article

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I generally try to keep the news at arms' length. Spending too much time with uniformly depressing news articles causes my natural hermit-like tendencies to flare, and I end up wishing for a zombie apocolypse to come at cleanse the world. Not really constructive. 

I do try to skim through the headlines most days, though, just to make sure that if the world happens to catch fire or something I'll be in the know. On rare occasions, this results in finding something wonderful - a story that actually improves my faith in humanity!

Last week, for example, I ran into one of the best stories I can remember ever seeing in the news and I simply have to share it with you: Grandmother with an AK-47 Saves Cops Attacked by a Street Gang.

I have no idea how a 79 year old woman has been able to keep an AK-47 in California (which is nearly as restrictive as NY when it comes to gun legislation). But I am thrilled to see someone putting gangs in their place. I know it's too much to hope that legislators anywhere will see this and recognize the potential for cleaning up America's crime through appropriately arming responsible homeowners and supporting their rights to defend themselves and their property, but I am nonetheless delighted that someone did it and got credit for it rather than punished for it. 

Hope this story gives your faith in humanity a boost as well!

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