Friday, October 9

Mandatory Kitchen Upgrade

I spent a LOT of time in the kitchen in August and early September. I didn't mind, but it was rough on my furry supervisors. Kitchens are dangerous places, full of knives and hot water and noisy appliances like mixers and blenders. God knows you can't leave humans unsupervised somewhere like that! But, of course, if you try to sit on Mommy's toes while she works you have other problems. Food scraps get dropped on your head (which is not fun unless it happens to be sausage or gravy or something), you get tripped over, and it's not uncommon to find the floor you're trying to nap on either chilly or damp until Mommy gets around to cleaning it. 
Arthas eventually decided to work around this mess using Geostrategic Napping positions. He'd nap on the end of our bed, or in the sunlight in front of the door where he had clear diagonal line of site to me moving around the kitchen. As long as I was visible whenever he rolled an eye open, we were good. 

Nenya has somewhat less faith in me, and insisted upon closer management. After I dropped yet another tomato peel on her sweet head and both of us nearly died for the dozenth time due to her insistence on being directly underfoot, we improvised a solution. Behold, the Nenya cupboard!  

With the mixing bowls evicted and her own personal quilt lining the bottom, she gave this new arrangement her seal of approval. I liked it so much that we're discussing creating a proper puppy cave in the corner of the kitchen when we eventually redo the kitchen. No one wants to deal with losing things in weirdly shaped corner cabinets anyway, right?

Turns out it's not an usual idea - Pinterest has lots of suggestions, like the one below. There's also a particularly adorable version for those of you with kitties.


Where does your house need a dedicated pet space?

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