Thursday, January 22

Nourished Kitchen: Book Review

So I'm one of those crazy people who has been known to read cookbooks like novels. I am also the weird type who sits plasters little sticky notes and scraps of paper between the pages of cookbooks marking everything that looks amazing. The number of little paper flags quickly becomes a visual measure of how good the book is. 

In that respect, the Nourished Kitchen cookbook rapidly achieved rock star status. Not only was it incredibly beautiful to look at and well laid out, but it was all real food! (Little paper flags abounded from start to finish.)

This book is chock full of recipes that perfectly balance unique with healthy and practical. Most of these recipes were new to me, or creative new spins on old standbys, but they are entirely based on standard ingredients that can be easily accessed - even for those of us with limited access to specialty items. If you've got a farmer's market or decently stocked grocery store nearby, you're all set! From unusual options like Skyr and Bone Marrow Custard to seasonal glories like Cider Braised Chicken or Melted Blueberries with Ginger and Orange, I cannot wait to cook my way through this book. The author's humble, friendly writing style was wonderfully refreshing as well.

If you're looking for some fresh ideas in real food or just some kitchen inspiration during the long, dark days of winter, I highly recommend this. [It's new on the market, but your library should have a copy!]  You can also check out the author's Nourished Kitchen blog for other great recipes and ideas.

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