Wednesday, January 14

New Year, New Things

I thought after my post about what worked in 2014, it would made sense to follow up by noting some of the trends/themes that are already showing up as indicators of what 2015 might be like around here:

A long-neglected quilting project from 2014 that is finally
getting finished!
1. Addressing Long-Procrastinated Things
In December, I finally moved our dogs to a local vet. Since the new year, I've actually made the effort to acquaint myself with the local library system and order some library books. (Something I've been putting off since we moved, because it wasn't inherently user-friendly.)

I've also been doing some "binge quilting", piecing together my mountains of scrap fabric and sorting out backings for my unfinished quilt tops. I've given myself permission to just toss anything I really don't like, with the goal of working through all my back-stock one way or the other. I've got some gorgeous projects planned, but I won't be able to enjoy them until I've cleared the chaos first.

2. Dietary Shifts
As part of my Nutritional Therapist (NTP) training, I practiced a bunch of the (awesome) tests I'm learning on myself (and my very generous family). My classmates also practiced on me during our first workshop, and wow, did I learn a lot! Long a self-professed "starch based life-form", I spectacularly failed the Cocoa's Pulse Test for wheat and had to eliminate it from my diet. I've also started shifting our diet towards higher fat and protein ratios. It's an ongoing process for sure, but I'm already seeing big changes. 
 3. Clean, Sustainable, and Frugal 
This isn't a new trend around here, of course, but 2014 made me very aware of how easy it is to get pulled off course without realizing it. A couple prime examples:

Using canning jars instead of tupperware. We killed a bunch of tupperware last year. It was old and pretty cheap to begin with, but I was dreading replacing them because the clean, non-toxic pyrex-style stuff I felt comfortable getting instead was madly expensive. Then I discovered that canning jars are a great alternative! I can clearly see what's in every jar, they're easy to label (just write on the top in whiteboard marker) and rotate, and the vertical storage makes excellent use of fridge space! Although I still want to get a handful of the pyrex stuff for long-term freezer storage, using jars I already own for the bulk of my needs will save time, space, and tons of money! 

Ditching the Trifexis: In December, it hit the news that pet owners have been alleging that their dogs died from taking Trifexis. When I looked into it, I was appalled to find out that the product contains two known pesticides! I refuse to feed my furry babies pesticides, let alone pay to do so. We promptly agreed to take our dogs off of the meds. I've done my homework on (genuinely effective) natural alternatives, and guess what? They're not only safer, they're cheaper!! 

Beauty Products: When I got my hair cut and professionally dyed, I let them talk me into salon-grade shampoo and conditioner, because it was supposed to protect the color. It totally didn't, and actually worked less well than the organic shampoo bar and cider vinegar rinse I'd been using! As soon as the bottles are gone, I'm back to my cleaner, more sustainable, and more frugal bar & rinse!

Based on these trends, I'm challenging myself reexamine what I do and why this year. I hope to continue making this a year where I finish or let go of old projects, clean up and clean out toxins and excess, and find more unexpected ways to make our health and our home thrive.

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