Friday, January 16

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

You've probably seen the DIY Hair Mask ideas floating around Pinterest and the interwebs in general. I have too, but I never bothered to try one until this past week. I dyed my hair a couple times last year, first for ComiCon and then because I really wanted to go purple for the summer.

(Tip: If you want an unnatural color like purple, unless you are naturally platinum blonde, get it professionally done and understand that it will not last!)

My hair doesn't like dye much in the first place (which is why I had been using henna-based coloring), and I a super simple method from Made2Style. An hour later, my hair felt amazing! So incredibly soft.
ended up completely frying it. When I got the layers cut in, I lost a lot of length that I very much want back. So, with my husband's encouragement, I finally made time to give a hair mask a try. I picked

I will definitely be adding this to my weekly routine. If you've been ignoring or skeptical of this idea, I highly recommend you give it a try - it's cheap, it's clean, and it works!

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