Sunday, January 18

Eggplant Mini Pizzas

Eggplant pizzas, when expertly made
by EatGood4Life... mine were not this

The only thing that has really proven to be a challenge since I quit wheat mid-December has been pizza crust. Pizza Friday is sacrosanct around here, and after years of practice I'd perfected my pizza dough recipe. It was soaked, whole grain, almost fail-proof, and took seconds to throw together... and now I had to find something else.

One of the first things I tried was an eggplant pizzas recipe from EatGood4Life.  As you can see from the lovely photo (which is from the EatGood4Life site), they are slightly more than bitesize, and can be piled high with all your standard pizza topping goodness. (I used bacon and asparagus.)

The Verdict: 
These were cute, yummy, and easy.
But they were not pizza substitutes.
I will keep this recipe, as it would make a great party appetizer or a great light summer lunch. It's also an excellent way to get additional veggies into your diet. But it will not be what finds its way to our table on Pizza Fridays.

Notes: I found that the eggplant took a little longer to cook than the recipe suggested. Might just be my oven, but if you give these a try, definitely give yourself extra time just in case.

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