Tuesday, April 2

Two Videos, Just for Fun

Somehow the month of March blew past. Projects, long days at work and bad weather combined to keep me from spending much time keeping up with blogging. But I'm back! Hopefully I'll get caught up on life the next couple days and get back to a semi-regular posting schedule. My brain's been busy, so there's lots to post about!

While I'm getting my ramblings cleaned up enough to be coherently post-able, I thought I'd share two videos I ran across last month that made me laugh out loud. 

First, a funny but touching speech by a father of the bride that I saw over at Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp's beautiful blog. 

Next, something for the geeks of the world. I'm not actually a fan of the Gangnam style video, but this parody done by NASA is hysterical!

Enjoy!  :)

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