Monday, January 28

Menu Idea Monday: Sweet Potato Hash

While I don't follow a Paleo diet myself (being entirely too much of a starch based life form to ever pull it off), I do like to follow Paleo blogs because I've found that they tend to put together combinations that I haven't seen elsewhere. They're also very serious about good flavor and quality ingredients. So when Sweet Potato Hash showed up on Pinterest labeled as a Paleo recipe, I thought I'd check it out.

Sweet Potato Hash from Nom Nom Paleo
Admittedly, I can't make regular hash browns to save my life. Not from frozen store bought potatoes, not from scratch - just not at all. So I approached this recipe warily, but I'm so glad I tried it!!

This is the epitome of cheap, healthy food. Sweet potatoes, herbs, and butter or coconut oil. Throw a fried egg on top and you have a versatile meal that comes together easily and is delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

We found this filling and very satisfying. Definitely make extra - the potatoes cook down and with as yummy as this is you'll want seconds! Check out the recipe over at Nom Nom Paleo and enjoy!

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