Monday, January 7

Menu Idea Monday: Glazed Butter Cookies

I know that it's probably rude to post a cookie recipe when so much of the world is jumping eagerly (and a bit anxiously) into New Year's resolutions that revolve around fitness and clean eating. But sugar cookies are a classic and have always been a challenge for me, and it doesn't seem right not to share now that I've found a recipe that works so much better than any other I've ever tried.

So if you're sugar detoxing or eating clean more power to you! Tuck the link below away for next Christmas and forget it for now. But if you're like me, and have people in your life who truly appreciate good sugar cookies, copy this out and keep it on hand - you'll be very glad you did!

These Best Glazed Butter Cookies are from the wonderful people over at Cook's Illustrated, from their Science of Good Cooking cookbook.

I spread a little tinted buttercream frosting on mine, instead of glaze, but they were the perfect sugar cookie. Sturdy enough to take to a party, but never hard or stale. My apologies to Betty Crocker, but this easy-to-work-with dough has officially become my go-to recipe.

PS - Don't have a buttercream frosting recipe? Wilton's is a pretty no-fail option - just use all butter instead of the shortening.

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