Monday, January 21

Menu Idea Monday: BBQ Potatoes

Sadly, this post could also be titled New Recipes Don't Always Work.

I saw this lovely picture of golden potatoes, soft on the top and crispy on the bottom over at Kyotic Kitchen. They looked delectable, and I gave them a whirl (completely followed the instructions).

The temperature setting for the oven looked a little low to me, but I followed in the instructions. At what was supposed to be the end of cooking time, the liquid was nowhere near evaporated and the potatoes were still hard.

A couple hours later, the liquid was gone but the potatoes were rubbery and still not caramelized on bottom. I'm pretty sure that low oven temp was the culprit.

While I intend to try this again with less liquid and a higher cooking temp, I post it here as a reminder that experimenting in the kitchen doesn't always end with the desired results. Keep a backup on hand and keep playing with recipes! At least the fox who eats our compost dined well that night...

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