Sunday, January 27

Grace by Max Lucado

I don't know why I pick up Max Lucado books when they show up on Booksneeze. He's a good writer; his books are well organized, well written and he picks examples that clearly convey his point.

Like his other books, however, I found Grace lacking something. I just wasn't drawn in or moved. It was a positive and important message, but it just didn't quite connect for me.

Grace's message is timely: we are, as he points out, an exhausted generation that has (like so many before us) forgotten or failed to understand the all-sufficiency of Grace. We question the staying power of salvation, and underestimate the impact true Godly grace should have on our lives and, through us, on the lives of others.

If you're exhausted, worried about never being "good enough" to make it to Heaven, or generally appreciate Lucado's work, you'll most likely appreciate this book. But I can't personally recommend it, because I just wasn't that impressed. It's basic and to the point, but not the kind of book that stays with you or really makes you think about anything.

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