Sunday, November 4

Two Books Worth Reading

Death Has Come Up Into Our Windows is one of those things that you run across and immediately know it will be either amazing or awful - and nowhere in between. It's the first book in the Zombie Bible series; when I ran across the Kindle edition for $2.99, I had to try it.

I'm pleased to report it was fantastic.  The story follows young Jeremiah (the Biblical prophet) and his wife as they leave their hometown and travel to Jerusalem. There, God begins to speak to Jeremiah and opens his eyes to the horrors taking place in the city - women and child abused and abandoned, priests offering sacrifices to pagan gods... and the scourge of the walking dead beginning to roam the streets. The author did an incredible job of bringing his characters to life - you could taste their fear, ache with their grief and rage with them. It sounds crazy to say, but this is the most life-like and empathetic portrait of a prophet I've ever read, and its portrayal of God's lament over lost and wayward children is far better than any strictly Christian book I've encountered. Definitely recommend this one and can't wait to check out the next two in the series!

On a completely different note, I also checked out Lard: The Lost Art of Cooking with Your Grandmother's Secret Ingredient by the editors of Grit magazine. Focused on simple food made from real ingredients, this book was well designed and easy to use. Clearly it was put together by people who know their way around a kitchen! It won't do me much good at the moment, since real (non-hydrogenated, unadulterated) lard is hard to come by around here. but if you have access to lard I recommend grabbing a copy of this for your shelf. It covers baked goods, vegetables - all kinds of variety to the recipes, and no complicated or expensive kitchen equipment involved.

That's it! Short post today, just passing along some good things. Enjoy!

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