Monday, November 26


Literally months ago now I got my hands on a copy of Sneak, the sequel to Swipe. Life was busy, and it sat neglected on my desk. But once I picked it up, I was through it in no time, staying up well past bedtime to finish it. 

Sneak picks up where Swipe left off, with Logan Langley on the search for his sister. Daniel and the Dust are searching themselves, while Logan's former friend Erin watches the plans she'd so carefully laid go drastically wrong. In a world full of surprises and danger, assumptions are challenged and characters find unexpected strength in themselves and in the faith they were forbidden to know.
I greatly enjoyed this book. I was again impressed with Angler's ability to present characters who are little more than children with an inspiring but realistic combination of strength and vulnerability. They can crack codes with their electronics masterfully, but stumble in finding their way through relationships and the adult world. I also sincerely appreciated his rendering of adults; in a genre where adults are often portrayed as fools or oblivious, Angler's adults love their children and lead the way in holding out against the darkness of the world.
The power of Faith is woven in seamlessly, never leaving the reader feeling smacked over the head with it or alienating anyone. It is handled simply, respectfully and naturally – another thing that can be hard to find. I strongly recommend this book and look forward to the next in the series.

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