Thursday, November 29

Time to Decorate. Wait... What?

If you'd ever met my sister, you'd know immediately that I did not get the decorating genes in my family. My sweet sister will cheerfully decorate for any holiday (and do a great job). I am more of a "season-less decor" kind of person. I prefer to celebrate the change of seasons through culinary means.

Usually, I get off easy in this - my husband has an awesome job that literally takes him to the ends of the earth every year. (That's him at the South Pole a couple years ago.) Inevitably his travels keep him away at Christmas, and I get away with doing no decorating at all. 

This year, however, my Beloved will actually be home for Christmas! It is also our first year in our new home, so there clearly there can be no slacking this year! That sent me digging through our single bin of Christmas-related decor. We were good on ornaments, but embarrassingly light on around-the-house touches. 

Then Dayspring came to the rescue.  Their Love Came Down table runner in tones of cream and gold adds the perfect understated but festive touch to our table. (And its reversible - red and gold on the other side, if you're looking for something brighter.) It was so nice to find decor options that are elegant and functional.

I was amazed at the difference the complimenting Tea Light Holder Trio made in my kitchen - lined up on the island, they create a surprisingly rich, warm glow. I can't wait to turn off all the other lights and sit with a mug of hot chocolate, watching the snow fall by candlelight. Added bonus - these are very flexible. Though their message is perfect for Christmas, they are not so Christmas-y that you couldn't keep them out and use them all year.

So although I still haven't found the extension cords we need to hang lights in the windows or gotten my hands on a stand to keep a Christmas tree upright, our house is graced with the first touches of Christmas. And for the first time in a long time, I think I might actually enjoy the season. 

Disclaimers: I received these items free from Dayspring in return for my review, but was not required to give them a good report. My opinions (as always) are my own. Also, I apologize for the lack of pictures of these items as they are displayed in my own house. Technical difficulties made it impossible to get the photos I took from the camera to the computer... thanks for understanding!

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