Thursday, November 1

A Promise Kept

Five years ago, we brought home a frizzy little bundle of fur with a dipstick skunky tail; we were immediately in love with him. As he got older, we began promising that one day - when we had a house and weren't dealing with the restrictions of an apartment - we'd get him a companion.

Well, in April we bought a house. In October, tired of being patient, Arthas finally got direct about holding us to our promise.

We've learned a few things since we picked up our first furry baby, though. A heartbreaking number of Border Collies are abandoned, neglected and abused every year. People buy them because they think it would be cool to have one of the smartest dogs in the world, but then are completely unprepared for the time, effort and energy involved in raising a Border Collie... or the destructive mischief that results when you fail to do so.

So this time around, we called Glen Highland Farm - a Border Collie rescue. The team there introduced us to this little beauty:

Rescued from a "breeder" she weighs all of 30 lbs at 3 years old - but she's quite a little spitfire! Sweet and affectionate, she nonetheless is fearless at playtime and decidedly a herder. We've named her Nenya. (Yes, like Arthas the name is sourced from Tolkein. It's the name of Galadriel's magic ring.)

Arthas is delighted. (As you can see, they wasted no time turning into mudballs together.) I'd write more, but nap time will be up shortly and there will be balls to throw and rope toys to shred. So I'll leave you with the latest Fuller Family photo:

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