Thursday, December 15

One Thousand Gifts

Months ago now, the (in)Courage book club (Bloom) started reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. 

 Although familiar with her writing from her beautiful blog, A Holy Experience, I opted not to participate at the time because I am on a strict, self-imposed no-book-buying policy right now. (We've maxed out the number of books we can comfortably accommodate in our current space, so all further acquisitions will have to wait since I have a pathological inability to tolerate clutter.)

I put the title on hold at my local library, however, and eventually almost forgot about it since it took so long to come in. Apparently everyone else wanted to read it too!

When I cracked the cover I knew quickly that it was worth the wait. Mrs. Voskamp tackles life's hardest, most painful questions and does it with soul-baring sincerity and grace. She never once slips into pat, easy answers or the empty "faith-speak" of repeating verses as if just hearing them should be sufficient answer.

Choosing to live the mystery that is life and faith, she invites readers along her journey of discovering the power of gratitude and how consistently living it until it sinks into your bones can reshape your entire life.

If you haven't read this beautiful and unique book, snag yourself a copy and try to read it soon - especially if you're the type to make New Years Resolutions. It could very well change your whole perspective on life.

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