Tuesday, December 6

The Fastest DIY Ever

Pinterest is possibly one of the best inventions ever. For visual learners like me, it's the best way to organize the millions of bookmarks I collect while hunting for resources either for work or fun.

And while one is on Pinterest, there is a high likelihood of running into awesome ideas you had not thought of but have every intention of stealing. Like this: the DIY Cardigan.

Pioneered by a lovely young woman named Trina on her blog (where I stole this pic from), it is one of the best DIY's I've ever seen. It is literally free!

All she did (as she'll show you if you click on the link and check out her super-simple tutorial), is pull a long sleeved tee out of her closet that she wasn't wearing much and cut the front open. Viola! Instant cardigan.

Why am I passing this on?

Because I tried it over the weekend and am delighted by the results. Instead of getting rid of a long sleeved black tee I rarely wear, I was able to turn it into a perfect, light weight cardigan that I can layer over things which, due to the tee's high neckline, I wasn't able to wear under them.

(If you're really a super-fashionable type, I imagine it wouldn't be hard to grab a tee a couple sizes too big from a thrift store and cut the bottom edge into one of the asymmetrical hemlines that are trendy right now.)

What's your favorite DIY wardrobe trick?

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