Friday, December 23

A Happy Find

If you think this looks like a pile of fairly nondescript sheets, you're partially correct. But they are so much more than that - these are a sign that there is hope after all!

I have all but given up thrift store shopping in the last few years because our area has an abundance of "consignment shops" but almost no real thrift stores. (That means everything is brand name and sells for half of it's retail price - pretty much the same amount it would cost to get the same stuff brand new somewhere like Target.)

This week, however, I half-heartedly decided to stop and try one more time and came away with unexpected treasure! I got all four of these sheets for $10! 

(Yes, I know.  I'm unreasonably pleased by such a simple success.)

They're all thick and warm, which is perfect because I'm going to use them for quilt batting. I love quilting, and I love that it is at heart a thrifty craft - even if modern day quilters have turned it into an obscenely expensive hobby.

I have a stack of quilt tops I've been avoiding finishing because batting and backing get expensive quickly.  But I decided that if I went with pieced backs, I could use fabric from my stash instead of buying any more, so that kills two birds with one stone. Now that I have a batting layer, I can make some progress! What great finds are you celebrating this week?

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