Sunday, November 6

Snack Solutions

 It's the middle of the afternoon, and I'm tossing yet another box of granola bars back onto the grocery store shelf in disgust. I don't think it's that unreasonable to ask for an individually wrapped snack bar - of any kind - that isn't loaded with soy, hydrogenated oils or neuro-toxic fake sugars. But here I am batting zero while my shopping companion patiently listens to me mutter and rant about the ingredient lists.

Then, I find these: Kind Brand Fruit & Nut Bars

Some of them have soy in them, but several do not and I take a chance on them. Imagine my surprise when I discover that they are amazing!

I stuck them in my purse en route to an all day event (more on that later) and they did not mush, melt or otherwise get gross like so many bar-style snacks do. They were all clearly labeled (many Gluten Free), and at about 130 calories per bar they won't blow your diet.

If, like me, you find yourself occasionally in need of ready made, on-the-go food that isn't completely out of line from your otherwise healthy eating habits, I strongly recommend snagging a box of these and hiding them in your cabinet (or glove compartment).

(I am not being compensated in any way for this review - I am just a happy customer. Thank you. )

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