Wednesday, November 9

Leave Skin on the Table (A Little Midweek Motivation)

As I was cleaning up my desk this morning, I found my notes from the Women of Faith Event last weekend.

From the beautiful Lisa Harper's session, I found the following simple notes:

Go Big or Go Home
Leave Skin on the Table
You matter to God and you're meant for more bigger things. 

Do you ever have days where you feel like you're not living up to your potential? Days where you wonder what you're doing and what the point is?

Consider writing a couple of these ideas in your journal, on notecards taped inside your cabinets or anywhere else you'll see them every day to remind you in the dark moments to be courageous and (if you're a type A personality) maybe even a little brash. We only get one lifetime - let's make sure we use it well!

Got a minute for something fun and encouraging? Check out this video of Lisa:

Need a little kick-butt music to get your blood flowing? Try this (when I become a MK director, this is so going to be my unit's song!!):

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