Monday, November 14

Decor that Multi-Tasks Like You Do

I am very grateful for the apartment in which I live. It is conveniently close to almost everywhere I need to be on a daily basis, they allow us to have our beloved dog and being on an upper floor is built-in protection against both floods and zombies.

But one thing apartment dwellers learn early on is that space will always be at a premium. There are no attics, garages, mudrooms or other extraneous spaces to store extra stuff - especially limited use seasonal decor. Being the type of person who doesn't handle clutter well to begin with, I find this reality only sharpens my focus on picking pieces for my home that (1) we really love, and (2) transition gracefully from season to season.

My latest find happily meets both criteria: the God's Goodness Wooden Pedestal from Dayspring.

Inscribed with the words to live with joy is to see God's goodness, it is appropriate to any season and a valuable daily reminder to check [and sometimes adjust] my attitude.

The dark wood is a perfect match for our dining room, and the lighted, flower wrapped wine bottle my neighbor made has been a nice, neutral centerpiece the last couple weeks.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought something more festive might be in order. So in less than five minutes, I swapped out the bottle for a simple vase with a trio of cranberry-colored candles.

This is exactly how I like my decorating: fast and nearly free. The candles were maybe $2 at Christmas Tree Store, the stones (or their equivalent) can be picked up at any dollar store, and the vase I've had for years and rotate between rooms as I find need of it.

Come Christmas, I can wrap a simple garland of (fake) flowers around the vase and base of the stand and I'll look super festive!

At the risk of sounding sacrilegious, I must also point out that this lovely stand would provide a great place to display a charger full of cupcakes, Christmas cookies or other delectable treats on a busy holiday buffet. 

This is the second home decor item (see the first here) I've gotten from Dayspring, and I'm very pleased at how well both pieces balance form and function. Although I was slow to wrap my head around the idea that my favorite card company does a lot more than cards, I will definitely be looking to them in the future before I go anywhere else. Somebody over there understands and appreciates the essential balance of durable, beautiful and flexible that I need to make home decor work for me!

Who is your go-to company for home decor? What pieces do take with you from season to season?

[Disclaimer: This item was already on my wishlist when Dayspring provided it to me without charge in exchange for my honest review. I genuinely love the item and all opinions are my own and unbiased. Don't believe me? Check out my other product reviews... they aren't all nearly so positive! ;0)  ]

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  1. I haven't even really thought about decor in my new house. I have so many things that I will have to meld together that it's insane. Perhaps I could hire you to come out and help me when I get to that point? :-)