Friday, November 18

The Lucado Inspirational Reader

Something of a mash-up between a devotional, Cliffs Notes and Chicken Soup for the Soul, this book is surprisingly well put together and easy to read. The author took portions of his other books, some as small as a few lines and others closer to half a chapter, and arranged them together by subject. Subjects were straight-forward but poignant including: the Bible, the Church, comfort, creation, encouragement, faith and family among others.

This book was, as it was intended to be, very encouraging and inspirational. It was convenient to read in small snippets, but also flowed smoothly when I had time to read more. Having read it, I have fresh interest in reading the author's other works from which these pieces were pulled.

The author had some great insights that I have not run across in any other reading. His style was friendly and personable and I would be comfortable giving this book to anyone as a gift. I can see it being a great source of encouragement on difficult days, or a good gift for a new grad.

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