Saturday, October 9

Alternate Evil

"New York to ban low-income families from using food stamps to buy sugary drinks."

It is heartbreakingly sad and tremendously frustrating to see people trying to make an impact on the social problems of this world we live in, only to have the lies they've been fed twist their good intentions into just another form of the evil they've been trying to fight.

NYC is trying to pass a law making food stamps invalid for the purchase of sugary (hfcs- filled) sodas. The catch? Purchasing the diet versions of the same products (loaded with aspartame, sucralose, and other synthetic, chemically derived sugar alternatives) would be still be allowed!

The lawmakers mean well, and I applaud their motivation to protect their city's children from the ravages of obesity and the resultant health issues. Nonetheless, it is appalling and embarrassing that they should be allowed make a public mockery of themselves with such a clear demonstration of their lack of knowledge about the subject at hand. Why does it not infuriate us that even these powerful people can been sold the bill of lies the megalithic food corporations and their associates are allowed to freely disseminate when the truth is there for the hearing? It's not as if we don't know - don't have evidence - of the dangers of alternative sugars. It's not as if there isn't ample proof of the destructiveness of the modern American diet as a whole.

People continue to suffer and die because we allow our politicians to pile up piecemeal legislation that barely scratches the surface of our nation's fractured food supply and consumption system. When will we, the people, take responsibility for what we and our children eat? When will have had enough and choose to educate and stand up for ourselves?

We deserve better than the diet of lies and poison we're being fed by the media and modern food producers. I just wish more people knew that.

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