Monday, July 19

Ren Faire Fun

So, we forgot to take the camera into the Faire with us, but managed to get a picture snapped at the end of the day still in our garb. If you have never been to the Ren Faire, you must go! So much fun. Really, how can you not love a place whose motto is "If you can't enjoy yourself, enjoy someone else"?! As usual, Eric indulgently allowed me to get my hair braided by the miracle workers at the Faire who can do all the amazing braids you see in the likes of Braveheart and Robin Hood.

On the homefront, I finally have pictures of my quilting! We've finished enough blocks that we can start to lay them out and see what the quilt will look like when it's done. The very bright colors I picked compliment each other well, and are not nearly as overwhelming together as I was afraid they might be. As you can see from the gaps this isn't sewn together, just laid out and with the blocks we haven't done yet missing. It's a pattern my instructor wrote just for our class to cover all the basics, and I love it!

From the Kitchen: We cracked open the watermelon pickles for the first time today and they're very yummy! So if you eat watermelon this summer, take the extra couple minutes to pickle the rind! Whether you usually like oatmeal or not, check out Creme Brulee Style Oatmeal on It was super easy, really good and a nice change for breakfast. Also, when it gets to the point in the summer where people are trying to give away zucchini, take all you can get! Then turn it into Zucchini Cobbler. You will never, ever be able to tell it isn't apple crisp! (Hint: if you have more freezer space than I do, you can also shred the zucchini and freeze it for use during the holidays when it's crisp and pie season and the cost of apples is at a premium!)

Preparedness: There's a fascinating debate going on right now on the blog of the amazing Patrice Lewis about whether stocking up and being prepared for potential disasters is a tenant of the Christian doctrine or a sin within it. Some of us, with Katrina and other disasters still in mind, feel it's both our right and our responsibility to stock up on basic supplies (and self defense) and be prepared to weather out whatever happens as much as it lies within our power to do so. (There are some eloquent and informed arguments for such a mindset on Patrice's blog if you aren't familiar with the subject.) It seems there are some *ahem* - people - and I use that word loosely, who feel it violates Christian priciples to prepare for more than just the next season of the year that you're in. Doing any more asserts your lack of faith and failure to trust in God's provision. If you're looking for some interesting material or good debate points for the foolish and "holier-than-though-hineys" in your life, check it out! :0)

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