Friday, July 23

Pears, Anyone?

I don't suppose anyone has an extra peck of pears lying around... but if you do, send them to me!! Wednesday marked the end of the official marinating period for pickled pears I canned last month, so last night we cracked open the first jar.

It was heavenly. And sinful.

And the scant three jars I have remaining in the pantry are certainly not going to last, so now I'm on the hunt for more pears!

After the delectable pears, I thought I'd try my hand at madness. If you've ever wondered what madness looks like, I must tell you that it's both beautiful and addicting. And it comes in the form of Flying Geese quilt blocks. Like this one. Fortunately, there are only four such blocks in the quilt I'm making. While part of me thinks it would be incredible to make an entire quilt of them, my brain seizes in terrified panic at the thought. So, for now, it's enough to appreciate them as a small part of my quilt.

Finally, on a random note, I called a friend of mine in New Hampshire to chat. Guess where she was? The Night of 1,000 Cupcakes!! How fun is it than an entire town (Jaffrey, NH) picks one night a year to do a cupcake festival? Free to everyone, with literally thousands of cupcakes to enjoy, contests for professionally decorated cupcakes and artwork raffles on a warm summer night among friends. Why does New England have all the good festivals? Seriously. New York needs to get on the stick - skip the state fair, and let's get some real fun going like First Night and Cupcakes!

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