Saturday, July 3

Hodge Podge

First up: book reviews! Two phenominal books that need to be on everyone's reading list - Diabetes Rising and The Unhealthy Truth. They will rock your mind. Lower on the priority list, but also an excellent read is Hunting Eichman, about the search and capture operation that brought Nazi Holocaust engineer Adolf Eichman to justice years after he escaped postwar Germany and resettled under a new identity in Argentina.

Also, if your library doesn't offer NetLibrary start petitioning for it now! A free online service you can sign up for with a valid library card, NetLibary offers hundreds of ebook titles downloadable to your computer or portable device (iPod). The titles auto-return themselves at the end of the set period (21 days), so there's no waiting for titles to come in from other libraries or racking up overdue fees! I usually have something playing in the background while I'm cooking (and now while I'm quilting) and it's a great way to keep both hands and mind productive!

Next up: recipes! For a couple years now I've sworn by Bolthouse Farms' "Green Goodness" drink. Despite several people's gagging at the sight of it (yes, I know it looks like liquified seaweed), it tastes fantastic and is madly good for you. Unfortunately, it is also expensive. So imagine my joy when I discovered the make-your-own recipe on the Passionate Homemaking Blog (where I borrowed this nifty picture from, incidentally)! After getting kale in our CSA bag on Thursday, I whipped up a Green Smoothie this morning and it was delicious! So now I share the recipe with you - enjoy! (Also, if you like Uno's Rattlesnake Pasta, hop over to Recipezaar and pick up the recipe - it's a perfect copycat!)

More good news: if you like to can, check out these reusable canning lids! Unlike the standard lids which can usually be reused a couple times, but are really designed to be disposable, these lids are designed to be reused up to 20 times! Reviewed here by the amazing Patrice Lewis, they are worth passing along to anyone you know who's serious about putting up the summer's bounty.

For anyone who uses Mary Kay products, make sure your consultant tells you about the newest updates to our corporate recycling program! We're now taking flip tops (from hand cream, cleansers, moisturizers, etc.) and the plastic shells (that eyeshadow or blush comes in) for recycling! More on that as the program rolls out further.

Last but not least, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Have a picnic, watch some fireworks, and be very, very thankful that you are an American!

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