Saturday, July 31

Furry Flight Engineer

Today was definitely a fun day, because my wonderful canine companion had his first flight ever! Upon approaching my instructor's Cessna Skyhawk, Arthas noticed it had wheels, which meant this mechanical construct moved, and he was more than eager to jump into the back seat. Jamie was ready and happy to be my co-pilot, and after a thorough inspection of the best geared 172 I have ever seen, we were off to play in the pattern so that my skills in my next training craft could be enhanced.

What a plane! That recently overhauled engine was pulling that craft into the sky. Full fuel in long range tanks, all kinds of gear in the cargo hold, two adults, and a 40 pound border collie, and that plane was still light as a feather.

Arthas didn't know what to think upon that first take-off as the ground shrank and fell away beneath his padfeet, but he quickly realized that he could herd every sheep on the planet from this vantage point. Whenever I could spare a second to turn around, my eyes beheld a very happy puppy.
Nice picture here, where he was looking back at the airport . . . probably spotted the Jeep!
It was a good day to fly. Not a cloud below 25,000 feet, a slight breeze to tease you on touchdown, and good people to chat with at the local General Aviation airstrip.

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