Saturday, June 2

Go Throw Out Twenty Things

You know how people give TED talks and write books and articles about how great it is to "sell all your stuff" and go do something you love? Yeah, turns out that whole "sell all your stuff" part - which only ever gets a passing mention - should have a whole talk/book/article of its own. Because it's a lot of work!!

After a couple weeks of intensively selling off a huge amount of stuff, I can say with great confidence that it is entirely not a fun process. I read a theory somewhere that every sock you lose in the dryer magically turns into a mismatched tupperware lid and manifests in a cabinet somewhere. I'm starting to think that it not only true, but just the tip of the iceberg. We have always tried to be organized and we started seriously paring down what we own like a year and half ago... and yet, when we started clearing out in earnest, things just kept appearing. The more we took out of closets, the more there seemed to be. I honestly have no idea how we acquired so much stuff.

Since I am sure it is not just our house subject to this phenomenon, do yourself a favor and throw out at least twenty things this week. You won't miss them and you'll thank yourself later. Promise.

So, that PSA aside, things here are both amazing and a little surreal. More updates soon!

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