Monday, June 11

We Arrived!!

We're here!

Since I have not kept track of who I've managed to keep with telling what in the last couple weeks, this will be a bit of a catch-all / catch-up post.

Last Tuesday, we loaded up the RV and the Tacoma with everything we were bringing with us and hit the road. (As I think I told everyone, given the distance we were traveling, it would have cost about $3,000 to get a uhaul and PODS and the like don't service either where we were coming from or where we were going, so massive downsizing was called for.) Despite being the heaviest they will ever be, both the truck and the RV did beautifully!

My Prince drove so that I could work. (As a test case for the portability of my employment, it went smashingly well.) After 32 hours on the road, we arrived safe and sound at our new home Friday morning. We spent the weekend getting settled in and My Prince started his new job this morning.

I absolutely must make time soon to get some pictures of the area, but since I have a ton to do right now, we're going with just a couple pics of the apartment so I can get this up. We bought a little dining table, which is not only very nice and functional, but also creates a Canine Cavern for puppy napping. (As you can see, both the dogs are nappervising around the spot I had just been set up in. I am a tremendous amount of work, apparently.)

My Prince found somewhere to keep the RV that is literally two minutes away from the apartment, and we are walking distance from really good coffee!! We are spitting distance from his new job, a Super Target (which I didn't know was a thing) and a Lowes, which is convenient.

Do to quirky details of how things work here, we can't get mailbox keys (and therefore mail) for another two days. Other than that, though, we're pretty well settled in and loving it! (Aside from the dining room table, we're working with temporary/improvised furniture for the moment. Not the first time, and it's working fine.)

It has been gloriously warm and sunny here, though the temperature dips overnight, which makes it nice for sleeping.

Arthas has been working hard to show Nenya the ropes of apartment living. (He was an apartment baby once upon a time. She never has been before.) The apartment complex is extremely dog-friendly, which helps. They both slept almost the entire way here. Border collies are sensative, and our stress in the prep for this move and the upheaval at the house definitely took their toll. They're both happy as clams now, though!

Speaking of, the house is on contract!

We're looking at closing in July, which would be phenominal. We are delighted to have found someone who will love it as we did, and so quickly! (Our Realtor has been amazing.)

All future updates on that (and everything else), however, will be posted over at the new blog!

As a nod to our new start and as part of our continuing efforts to streamline and clean up our lives (including the digital aspects), I'm migrating this blog to wordpress. Please look up the new site and bookmark it as this will be the last post here! 

Okay, that's it for now. Lots of other responsibilities to knock out today. Check out the link for more, soon! 

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