Thursday, May 17

MoB: Bathroom Project

I regret that I don't have the time to find "before" pictures right now, and also obviously I haven't cleaned anything prior to snapping these pics, but I've been promising and update on the awesome work My Prince has been doing on the Master Bathroom and if it doesn't go up now it never will. So, without further ado, here we go!

LOOK!! Look at this gorgeous tub with pearled marble surround that my madly-talented husband did!
It doesn't show well in this picture, but there's actually a fantastic little ledge on the back for candles
or a wine glass or something, so you can do some proper relaxing!

My Prince took out a (pointless) chunk of wall up at the top of the divider between the tub and shower stall.
Now said shower no longer feels like a cave! There's light, everywhere! Plus, there's a new ledge there that
can be used for storing shampoo bottles, candles, etc.

Look at how big this room is, now! Without the unreasonably (and pointlessly) huge vanity, there is room for a full length
mirror. LED light bulbs make everything gorgeously bright, as does the new wall color. (Which is called Sea Salt Blue.)

This is a certifiably horrible picture of our vanity, but whatever. There are sliding "barn style" doors on either end,
and full-length drawers in between. There's more freaking room in there than some linen closets I've seen! There's
a ton of room and it's beautiful in person. (And when someone other than me takes pics.) Love it!