Thursday, May 17

This Week

Arthas says "this full-time Mommy-sitting
stuff is a lot of work! I need a nap.
In lieu of the ranting and blathering I am tempted to do, I'm going to keep today's check-in short and to-the-point.

The Good: 
  •  Lots of progress made! 
  • Plenty of stuff cleaned out and sold, which is reducing the stress (a little) and making it easier to grapple with what remains.
  • My Prince made great strides on the bathroom (a separate post to come!).
  • Nature has finally figured out it's supposed to be Spring, so everything is green and blossoming, which will be excellent visually when we post/show the house.
  • We met with a Realtor who was super nice, very competent and extremely encouraging. 

The Annoying:

  • Bureaucracy. (I'm on my 3rd try to renew/upgrade my license, which expires on my birthday, which is not quite far enough far enough away to prevent me from having to get another one before we go.) 
  • People who do not/cannot read. (Can I tell you how many replies I've had to my craigslist ads where people paid zero attention to where we are, even though I explicitly stated it? Then they're all astonished and horrified at how far out we are from where they are... like, if you live in Albany, why are you even looking at Oneonta ads if you don't want to drive that far?!)

The Random:

  • There were three bears at the hedgerow last night and turkeys in the yard this morning. I was definitely struck by the fact that that has become normal... and will cease to be very soon! 
  • It is my informed opinion that all lipsticks and lip crayons should come with built-in sealer... because I found the best lip color ever, but I keep leaving burgundy smudges on two furry border collie noses and they are Not Amused. 

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  1. Well at least there is proof how much you love those furry babies😍