Saturday, February 7

Why Marriage Rates Are Down

Have you ever read something so absurd that you had to re-read it because you thought for sure you must have misunderstood?

That was my reaction when I saw a news headline linking to a PBS article about how to collect on your exes' social security, even if you're not on speaking terms.

This is what we consider news?! This is even possible?!

No wonder marriage rates are down and divorce rates are up! Stay married too long and your spouse can ditch you, take half of everything you own in perpetuity - including your retirement and your social security. 

This is both disgusting and appalling, but I'm posting it because the longer I think about it, the more I appreciate that people who never get married may have legitimate and hard-core logic behind their decision. I love being married, and still believe that honest, loving marriages are happening. But crap like this makes it exceptionally clear why they are in the minority these days!!

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