Friday, February 13

Jailhouse Doc

I am a huge fan of Amazon's daily Top 100 Free Ebooks list. It's a zero-risk, zero-clutter way to find and collect all kinds of random, amazing reading material that I would probably never have found otherwise (can certainly wouldn't have shelled out money to take a risk on). Some of them are duds, but since they were both free and digital I have no qualms about leaving them two-star reviews, deleting them, and moving on. Some are awesome, and I celebrate having found a new author to enjoy!

One of my recent finds was Jailhouse Doc by Dr. William Wright. If you know any nurses and routinely get a laugh (or shake your head in disbelief) at the stories they can tell about crazy patients and how screwed up the medical system can be, multiply that a few times, and you'll have this book! After retiring from his work as a specialist in private practice, Dr. Wright took a job in a maximum security state prison (chronicled in his other book Maximum Insecurity which is now on my to-read list). From there, he was recruited to work in a very large county jail - and Jailhouse Doc tells the story of those misadventures.

Hilariously funny and occasionally gross, the book is relatively short and a very easy read. Both entertaining and informative, it's a great read and I highly recommend it! I don't necessarily agree with his suggestions in the last chapter or two for how we might improve our corrections system, but the stories of what he lived through in his time there are totally worth while.

Tip: Both Dr. Wright's books are available for free through the Amazon Prime Lending Library and KindleUnlimited!!

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