Monday, May 12

Vast Emptiness

March? I haven't posted since March?
Dear Lord. That's a bit embarrassing.

Sorry for the silence... I didn't mean for this corner of the blogosphere to end us as vast emptiness! Life has gotten a bit away from me. I'll attempt to catch up, but things haven't really slowed down so things might stay a bit sporadic.

In my defense, though, we've been  legitimately busy. Putting up piles of firewood, dealing with unending lunacy at work, and - oh yeah! - taking our first actual vacation in years.

We went to ComiCon! It was three days of non-stop shiny things at every turn. Seriously, it took us two days just to see everything once, and that wasn't even stopping to really check anything out in-depth!

We dressed up (of course) as Mal and Inara from Firefly/Serenity. There's nothing like walking around in floor-length red satin for three days to make a girl feel spoiled! (The incredible mass of curls and sparkly bobby pins didn't hurt.) It was Eric's costume that really got us noticed, though. One of my favorite parts of the whole thing was the dozens of people who walked by us at the Con, immediately recognized Eric, and caught his eye to nod respectfully and said "Cap'n." It was a riot, and had so much fun. We had been worried about not pulling the costumes off sufficiently (Firefly is notoriously hard to cosplay, as everything was made custom for them, and there weren't really any trademarked outfits to make them stand out) but we got stopped for pictures constantly, so I guess we did okay!

The panels we hit were amazing (possibly we're geeks and nerds, because we made it to talks on the Physiology of Zombies, Sword Fighting, Killer Breakfast, and what's next in YA publishing). Turns out no one without a VIP pass stood a chance of getting in to the "star" panels (Nathan Fillion/ Karen Gillen), but that was okay by us.  (Incidentally, if you'd ever like to bawl your eyes out, check out this video of a disabled veteran at ComiCon thanking the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation for getting him through his PTSD. Awesome video, but murder on the mascara...) I think my favorite panel was the Physiology of Zombies. It was hosted by writers, and literally packed to standing room only, but such an incredibly intelligent discussion of the zombie phenomenon and a legitimate place to ask all those random but relevant questions like "why can some zombies run and others only shuffle?"

We got our picture taken with the (original) Delorian from Back to the Future and the TARDIS from Dr. Who, ate like kings (not at ComiCon, but Salt Lake has some great restaurants!), and generally thoroughly enjoyed a break from real life.

... And then we came back. And discovered that nothing had slowed down in our absence!

I will attempt to get a few more posts in soon on all that's happened since we got back, but if you've got a minute, check out this great site for some more awesome pics from the event (see if you spot us!) and one of my new favorite sites (discovered in ComiCon's Artist Alley)  The Zombie Office (hint: it's like Dilbert with zombies!).

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