Friday, May 16

A Happy Ending

*Warning: read with caution if wearing mascara*

Months ago already, in the dead of what was a bitterly cold and seemingly endless winter, a story hit the news out of Sprakers, which (relatively speaking) isn't all that far from us. A "breeder" under the business name of Flat Creek was keeping several dozen border collies of all ages outside with only thin plastic water barrels as shelter. Neighbors were calling animal control, begging for something to be done.

As someone who held my own frizz ball of a border collie when he was all of twelve weeks and nine pounds, I was horrified. How could anyone be so heartless toward anything as inherently sweet and loving as a border collie? I couldn't imagine leaving dogs just like mine outside endlessly in the piercing wind and driving snow we had all winter.

Over the "breeder's" protests, animal control did get involved and confiscated nearly all of the dogs. Glen Highland Farm, the wonderful border collie rescue we got Nenya from, took in a large proportion of the 46 dogs ultimately confiscated, and I have been able to follow them on the Farm's website as they were vetted, sheltered, and fostered.

There were so many they had to be distributed over three different rescues! All were desperately underweight, traumatized, and ranged from under-socialized to clearly abused.

I was overjoyed when word came out that the breeder had agreed to relinquish all the dogs to rescue and none would be forced to return to the horrible place they came from. It makes me laugh (and often cry) to stop by the GHF site and check out the updates as the dogs find their places in forever homes or loving foster homes with a pack of other border collies to teach them how life is supposed to be - full of treats and kisses and soft, warm places to sleep.

When I get so completely irritated with the government, clients at work, and stupid people in general that my faith in mankind begins to shrivel, I take a minute to hop over the GHF page and remind myself that there are amazing, patient and loving people in this world. They're the ones who spoke out and got those furry babies rescued. Who vetted them, are fostering them, sponsoring them, and giving good homes to their furry kin.

If you need a reminder this week that people aren't all stupid or ignorant or irritating, may I suggest a hop over to the GHF page? There's nothing quite like sweet, furry faces and a happy ending to renew one's perspective on life! 

** All sweet, furry faces shown on this post are babies rescued by GHF from the horrible Sprakers situation.**

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