Monday, March 31

Distortion by Terri Blackstock

Distortion is not a new plotline by any stretch: husband is murdered, and in the aftermath his devoted wife and children discover the horrible secret life he had been leading and find their own lives in danger. The story follows both the mysteries those left behind face as they try to unravel the nightmare in a race against the clock to keep from being murdered themselves, and the human elements of betrayal and forgiveness. 

It has been about a decade since I last read a Terri Blackstock novel, but I was pleased to find that her writing style has remained consistent. Quick, easy-to-read chapters, with engaging and realistic characters. I very much enjoyed the fast pace of the book, and found all of the characters easy to like but also fairly realistic. The main character’s faith was tested and, although there were Bible verses and prayers, they too remained in the realm of practical reality and never strayed into the “perfect Christian” or too-many-miraculous-answers-in-the-nick-of-time territory. This was a great, pleasant read and something that is likely to please a wide variety of readers.

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