Sunday, March 9

Happy Wives Club (book review)

Fed up with negative attitudes towards marriage in the media and popular culture, and portrayals of “desperate”, cheating, or otherwise miserable wives as the norm, Fawn Weaver set out both to prove that happy, lasting marriages are far more common than we’re led to believe and to help couples capture the basic secrets to building a strong marriage themselves. 

I loved this book! As a happily married woman myself, I frequently share the author’s frustration over the pervasive attitude that married people are miserable or cheating (and if they aren’t now, they will be soon). It was deeply refreshing to hear the stories of incredibly diverse and very successful couples, and I felt like positive energy and encouragement just radiated out of these pages – a rare find! The “secrets” the author finds along the way are not rocket science, that’s part of the point. Building a good marriage isn’t complicated, it just requires choosing to hold to (and live out) core principles every day. Weaver does an excellent job of illustrating how those same principles play out across very different personalities and marriages, and makes them very accessible to readers. 

PS - Check out the Happy Wives Club website for more good content and regular encouragement!

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