Sunday, February 24

To The Bat Cave!

Mosquitoes are a quintessential part of the ecosystem, as much as any human (especially one who likes to wear blue) would like it to not be the case.  But there's ways around the DEET.  According to "This Old House," a single North American Brown Bat can consume as many as 600 mosquitoes in a single hour!  That's good enough for me! 

First, some materials are needed.  An old screen that matches nothing on the property should provide some excellent footholds.  Seriously, where did the previous owners find half of the stuff they left on the property?

I recycled!  Where's my Nobel Prize?

Screen installed on the interior of the house.

Be sure to use plenty of adhesive on the seams.  These little dark knights don't care for forced induction heating systems.

Bats are crunchy, and taste good with dirt.  Let's ensure even the most intrepid of predators can't get inside by adding a pinch point at the bottom.  Bats can squeeze around an area the size of a dime, so they won't mind at all.

Don't paint the interior, even if it will make it darker.  Bats are sensitive, and the paint chemicals won't be pleasing to them.

Ready for paint; done and done!

I used a flat version of the Garage's color, so it'll absorb more heat than gloss would.  In hindsight, I should have used a darker color since it didn't match after all.

Mount it high.  The higher, the better, and project done!  And we'll now see if Nightwing and company like their new accommodations when it gets a little warmer. 

If only I re-painted that stupid black trim last summer.  Oh well, something to add to the list!

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