Tuesday, February 26

Please Make a Plan for Your Pets

Our baby girl the day we got her. She's
much fluffier and much rounder now!
When we got our sweet Nenya from the Glen Highland Farm Border Collie rescue, one of the things they asked us was to make sure we had a plan for our furry companions should anything happen to us.  I was reminded of that again when they sent us a link to their youtube video, celebrating all the dogs who found homes in 2012.

So I'd like to take a minute to pass along their request - no matter what kind of dog you have. It is heart breaking to read summaries of dogs up for adoption, explaining how they were the constant companion of their person until the diagnosis of a terminal illness or the move to assisted living. Suddenly without a home, and with the person's family unable to take them in for one reason or another, they are bereft. The lucky ones end up somewhere like the Glen Highland, with compassionate people to love on them and help them find new homes.

Our handsome Arthas, taking a nap under Daddy's hat,
Indiana Jones style.
Please make sure that you have a safety net for your pets in the event that something happens to you - no matter how young or old you are! Don't assume that your family members can or will take care of them - make sure you have an established arrangement with someone, and that it is clearly known or spelled out somewhere. If necessary, find a safe and loving rescue like Glen Highland and arrange to have them take in your furry companion if the worst happens.

Check out the GHF video of all the dogs they found homes for in 2012 (since youtube is being dumb and won't let me embed it here) at http://www.glenhighlandfarm.com/ghfdogs.htm.
(Warning: have a tissue on hand. It was so sweet I cried.)


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