Monday, December 31

Menu Idea Monday - Saving Candle Jars

My Prince has returned, and I'm back to cooking again, so Menu Idea Mondays will resume!

Today's entry is not a recipe, but a great tutorial for getting wax out of old candle jars. These jars are a great size and typically seal neatly, making them a great option for various kitchen sundries - and a great alternative to buying jars to organize your kitchen with. 

I've never saved candle jars before, as I've never been able to get all the wax out. But this tutorial has the secret - go check it out, and then enjoy a free source of pretty jars for your kitchen!

PS - Don't waste the wax! Any lingering wax from dead candles can be saved and remelted. Use it to make new candles of your own, or mix with a generous handful of sawdust for top notch fire starters.

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