Saturday, December 8

Kitchen Tip

Whether you're writing a menu of festive holiday dishes or planning a New Year's resolution related to cooking, I would like to offer a simple kitchen tip that may come in handy.

If you're like me, you have several yummy recipes that call for white wine and just don't turn out correctly without it. (Chicken French, anyone?)

Unfortunately, I'm not particularly good at keeping an open bottle of white wine just hanging around. It can be hard to get good wine around here, and there are plenty of lovely wines that just aren't right for cooking with.

So here is the easiest solution I've found: grab a couple bottles of dry or semi-dry white wine (I'm partial to Riesling for cooking, but use what you like) just for cooking. Pour the contents into ice cube trays or other small containers and freeze. Toss into ziplock bags or tupperware, label and store in the freezer.

If you use more than one bag/container, number them and write yourself a note in giant letters on the last one to get more wine! That will give you plenty of opportunity to replenish your stash before you run out, and ensure that you always have wine on hand to cook with... even if your wine rack runs dry.

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