Monday, September 10

Menu Idea Monday: Chili Powder

I've always considered spices one of the harder things to manage in a kitchen. I love the pretty little bottles they come in, but unless you come up with a good storage system they quickly get unruly. Keeping a couple dozen different spices on hand can also get expensive, especially when you consider how often you're technically supposed to rotate through them or replace them.

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As a result, there are many spices I simply don't keep on hand. I consistently refuse to buy spice combinations, because I feel like they get little use and just pile up in clutter. It has only recently occurred to me to just look up what's in each combination and make my own in small batches with the spices I already have on hand.

If that sounds like something that might work well for your kitchen, check out this chili powder recipe from

I was very pleased that I have all but one ingredient already in my cabinet. So next time I make something that calls for chili powder (a common event), rather than just improvise the spices I can make the recipe true to form without any extra clutter or expense in my cabinet. If I'd know it was this easy, I've have started doing this sooner!

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