Saturday, September 1

Free Fun

It's the first day of September already, and many families are back to school. But before all your weekends fill up with school events and get-it-done-before-winter projects, sneak this fun event onto your calendar: Smithsonian Museum Day!

On Saturday, September 29th, museums across America will offer free admission! Just hop over to the Museum Day website and print off as many coupons for free admission as you need. Then grab your kids or a couple friends and head over to that museum you keep meaning to check out but never quite get around to!

Check here for a list of participating museums. (Don't see the museum you were hoping for? Call them and ask if they know about the event. As crazy as it sounds, not everyone does and they might be delighted to sign up!)

So take a minute to stick this event on your calendar, and maybe to invite a friend along. Take the money you'll save by not paying for admission and stop for the last ice cream of the season or a pumpkin latte. What museum have you been wanting to check out?

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