Tuesday, March 14

Persnickety Paint

When we lived in apartments (for years and years), one of my biggest frustrations was that everything was white. (Or, in a few cases, just primer - but hey, close enough, right?)

It was just so... bland. I'm a warm neutrals kind of person when it comes to wall colors. I want my space to feel warm when I walk in, and that just never happens in apartments unless you're allowed to paint - which you usually aren't.

It wasn't until we got this house that I appreciated exactly how absurdly difficult picking paint colors can be. As with most things, I blame that on the morons who built the house initially... because they lined it up with exactly nothing. Not the driveway, not the road, not the prevailing sunlight. Zilch.

Ergo, when trying to pick the first few paint colors we used here, I discovered that the weird natural light we get makes the same paint look completely different on adjacent walls. Inevitably, a color works on one wall and looks atrocious on another... which makes it really hard to choose a good one!

I was reminded of this again recently when I undertook an attempt to find a paint color for the master bathroom. We're not redoing it yet, but there are a lot of components involved and we want to be ready to hit the ground running when everything else comes together. Seeing as it's March and Winter decided to kick us hard one last time, it seemed like a good time to do research. Which translated into paint samples and frustration and then, finally, success!

The winner? Valspar's Sea Salt Blue... which is actually a very light (but not pastel) sea green. (Bottom right in the pic above, although it doesn't really show very well, there.)

Cross one more thing off the To Do list... and, hopefully, the last time I'll have to choose paint colors for a long time!

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