Sunday, March 12

Broth & Stock (A Review)

Broth and stock are big buzz-words in the food community these days, both among nutrition advocates and trendy 'foodie' types. Broth & Stock skips the hype and takes an accessible, down-to-earth approach to demystifying why these ancient foods have suddenly become a Big Deal again and how the average person can (easily) incorporate them into their life and diet.

McGruther blessedly starts with the basics, all well written and long enough not to feel rushed but short enough not to wax imposingly lyrical, either. The book's intro covers: a brief history of broth/stock, the differences between the two (and why they matter or don't), how to choose bones for making your own (and where to find them), and what you'll need to make and store them (ingredients and equipment).

The book then becomes essentially a top-notch primer on how to make and use broths, bone broths, and stocks. It starts with a comprehensive list of “master” stock recipes, which includes traditional standards (chicken, beef, etc.) and less common but equally versatile variations (mushroom, sea veggie, kitchen scrap). Everything that follows is either a recipe for how to use the broths/stocks you've made (because it's no good making it if you don't know what to do with it!), or a fun/helpful fact or side note on related topics.

This might be worth a flip-through just for new tips and ideas if you're already an experienced stock/broth maker. But it will – by far – be of the most value to anyone new to the subject looking to improve their health or cooking ability by harnessing the power (and delectable flavor boost) of bone broths.

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