Wednesday, August 12

What’s Working For Me This Summer

In the tradition of  Works For Me Wednesdays and What I’m Into linkups, I thought I’d write quick post about things that have (in some cases surprisingly) worked for me this summer. 

1              Spring Cleaning…. In July (and August)
Between the uncooperative weather, an early start on the year’s projects and everything else, my plan to do some thorough Spring Cleaning was repeatedly delayed. Instead of starting spring with an in-depth scrubbing, I ended up doing my deep clean of the house in July and August. Although not what I planned, it's actually worked out quite well - I caught up from Spring and got a head start on my Fall cleaning!

2              Kindle Unlimited
In June, Amazon ran a special – a free month trial subscription to Kindle Unlimited. Happily, the timing coincided with my quest to get my hands on a pile of books on how to do a great TED talk – and KU had tons of them! I’m on my second month in, and I’m hooked. For $10 a month, KU is saving me oodles of time and money. (Bonus: I can write it off as a business expense!)

3              Fat Bombs
Paleo Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup fat bombs have been a God-send this summer. Made in batches in mini-cupcake liners and frozen, they are an instant healthy option when I’m in a hurry or craving something sweet. They keep my energy levels even, and prevent me from reaching for less constructive options.

4              Glass “Tupperware”
We grabbed a 3-pack of gasket-ed glass food containers as an experiment, and they’ve been worth every penny. No more salad dressing, condiments, or juice from diced fruit leaked all over lunch boxes! Durable, versatile, and BPA free, they have been perfect this summer. Now I know exactly what I’ll be replacing the rest of my Tupperware with as it dies. 

5              Strategic Investments
We’ve done a lot of paring down this year as we continuously re-assess what we have, what we’re doing, and what we want. At the same time, we’ve consciously invested in some quality tools: a couple new kitchen knives (that should last forever), a new cooler (certified bear-proof), a new (take-no-prisoners) iron. Each seems small on its own, but together they're adding up to a well equipped, highly functional whole.

6              Fresh Flowers
Somehow our yard randomly started blooming with a host of new wild flowers this year that we don’t remember ever having before. Our neighbor identified one as mullin; the others remain a mystery. Mystery or not, they’re beautiful and I’ve taken to picking a fresh handful every week and keeping them in pint size canning jars on the table and in the bathroom. They are simple, but they smell lovely and make me smile every time I see them. 

What is working for you this summer?


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